Where it all began

Beck began singing at eleven- years- old and always enjoyed being on stage.  Although, there was some resistance due to fear. Which left Beck often questioning his talent. Wondering if people would like or reject him. It wasn’t until he saw contestant Ruben Studdard on American idol, that solidified Ryan’s passion to pursue music. At fifteen, Beck set aside his fears and began singing in public.

With a strong family supporting his musical dream, he made the move to Nashville, TN at twenty-years-old. Beck says, “It was always a dream to grow up and be like Garth Brooks…but I knew the next step was to get to Nashville and pay my dues! “Surrounded by the culture in Music City, Beck honed his guitar skills and began writing songs, while playing the local venues.

Since, Ryan Beck has been in the studio recording with Nashville producer, Bill McDermott. McDermott has been able to capture the artist Ryan is striving to be. His debut EP will have a sound that will certainly captivate many new fans.

Five years from now, Beck hopes to have written a great follow up album and have built a fan base that would allow him to play larger venues. He’s clearly on the path to success. With his inimitable sound and original music style, he is on the way to becoming a must hear artist.

About The Songs

“Free- free is the oldest song of the 3 songs. I wrote it back in April of 2014, right after I filmed my first music video (knowing love). I had too many sad songs, so I wanted to write a love song. I’m very proud of it and I’m not sure how it came out so well, because everything else I was writing at that time was absolute garbage”

“Something’s goin down – I wrote this song as a show opener with the vibe of late 80’s Aerosmith. It’s basically a song about doing what you’re not supposed to do. It would be cooler if I were writing about drugs or alcohol, but for me, it’s about fighting the urge to order a pizza!”

“Thank you for your heart – I wrote this song last spring. It’s the last of my songs that would eventually go on a full album. Before I wrote it, I planned on doing a cover of ‘You Are My Lady’ by Freddie Jackson. I think God gave me the lyrics because it’s written about a woman who I never met or does not exist.”

My Music | My Inspirations

Born in Greenwich, New York, Ryan Beck was raised with the greatest musicians, music has to offer. Drawing inspiration from Luther Vandross, Steve Perry, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Steven Tyler, Freddie Mercury, and Garth Brooks.  Beck is an American country singer and songwriter whose style is heavily influenced by his favorite artists. His sound is one that is quickly becoming a household name.

«I want to be a singer songwriter that is successful and is respected by my peers. I would love to play giant arenas and stadiums, but that side isn’t necessarily in my hands. The only part I can control is writing songs that are good and honest that I can be proud of.»